Slant Magazine: Drag Race Finalist Peppermint on Her Personal New Documentary

Project Peppermint will highlight the performer's life-changing surgery and her rise to interational LGBTQ stardom.

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The Guardian (UK): The drag performer, 37, talks about being teetotal, fighting homophobia and setting fire to her mum’s kitchen



Peppermint of 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Fame To Release Documentary

Peppermint is set to release the documentary with filmmaker Oriel Pe’er in 2018. The film captures her journey as a transwoman, illustrating her experience performing, her ascension to Drag Race fame, and undergoing surgery. The film also features interviews with her and close friends Laverne Cox, Trace Lysette and Bob the Drag Queen.

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Time Magazine: "Prince Before Fame"

(short film by Oriel Pe'er)

"Prince was claimed by the world but returned to Minnesota. Just in the last week of his life, you could have seen him at Walgreens, or at the Electric Fetus, where he often shopped for records—an astonishing sight, like the Mona Lisa taking in her own portrait at the Louvre. Prince, paradoxically, was reclusive but always around. He never wanted to be our weekend lover. And so he never really left us."

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Resource Magazine: CUBA RAW - Film Documents A Photographer's Love Affair With Cuba

"... Photographer Robert Whitman has been documenting the Cuban culture through his lens for years, and his unique take on the people and scenes showcases a culture brimming with pride.

In part one of a mini-documentary series, film director Oriel Pe’er highlights Whitman’s love affair with Cuba by showing quiet scenes of the photographer looking back through his old negatives and prints while he reflects on the memories that they hold.."

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Painter, writer, and filmmaker John Ransom Phillips draws his artistic inspiration from various sources. “One of the most exciting things for me in my life are those moments those very rare moments in which I feel the excitement of the an idea that will have consequences for my writing, for my painting, for my living, for my perception of other people,” he has said.

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