"Prince Before Fame" by Oriel Pe'er featured in TIME magazine

May 3, 2016
Excerpted from TIME’s Prince: An Artist’s Life, a 96-page, fully illustrated commemorative edition.
               For most of the twentieth century, a Minnesotan abroad could fix his home state in the cosmos by invoking for his hosts the name Charles Lindbergh or Bob Dylan, native sons who were claimed by the world and never really returned to the Gopher State. In the 1970s, a traveling Minnesotan, bracing for a zinger, might name-drop the Vikings, losers of four Super Bowls. Then came the ’80s, and forever after a Minnesotan like me didn’t have to say anything at all. When someone heard where you came from, they almost always asked, “Have you ever seen Prince?”
See the full article: http://time.com/4314125/prince-minneapolis-hometown/

Cuba Raw:
Film Documents A Photographer's Love Affair With Cuba

January 13, 2016
                     "... Photographer Robert Whitman has been documenting the Cuban culture through his lens for years, and his unique take on the people and scenes showcases a culture brimming with pride.
            In part one of a mini-documentary series, film director Oriel Pe’er highlights Whitman’s love affair with Cuba by showing quiet scenes of the photographer looking back through his old negatives and prints while he reflects on the memories that they hold.."

Studio Visit with John Ransom Phillips
Filmed and Edited by Oriel Pe'er

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